You might be surprised to know that when it comes to the interaction between the brand and its customers, people tend to remember the beginning and the ending of it. These two distinct memories stay with your customer for a long time. And that is why you need to make the most of it. And in doing so, direct mail postcards can help you a lot. Direct mail postcards will add a personal touch to the promotion that your audience can never ignore.

How Do Direct Mail Postcards Work?

When your customers are getting your direct mail postcards in their letterboxes, they remember you. And with that, when they see what you are offering in the postcard and how it will help them, they tend to take action. So, if you are looking for personalized ways to grab the attention of your customers, then investing in EDDM postcards is a great option. There are many companies like Hamilton Marketing in California that offer online printing services at the most affordable price. Choose the right one and place your order. How can you use them? Take a look at the following ideas.

ways to use direct mail postcards for more business


Thank Your Customer for Choose You

Do you know that gratitude can take you far in a long run? When your customer is coming to your store or ordering from you, they will think that is the end of their relationship with you. But if they find a postcard in their letterbox from you thanking them, they will be impressed. It will show that you have kept them in mind and you value your customers. This will result in returning customers.

Offer Them Discount

Maybe a customer has been to your store only once. And you want the same customer to attract again. For that, you can offer some discounts that will lure them to the store again. While you are focusing on getting new customers, you also should create a loyal customer base that will retain and engage with you again. And that is why you can offer them a discount. You can be creative and provide a QR code on the postcard for the discount. This way, you will be able to measure the success rate of postcard mailing services.

Promote Newly Launched Products

Maybe you are launching your new range of products and you want to attract the customers who have engaged with you before. Send EDDM postcards that will inform them about the launch of the new products. You can use the postcard to offer an insider view. They will need to carry this to get an exclusive view of your newly launched products.

Thanking for Testimonials

Do you know how the news of a brand gets out locally? It is through your customers and their testimonials. When they are satisfied with your product or service, they will refer you to others. And even if they haven’t yet, you can give them a nudge. Print thank you message for referring you to others and distribute the card. It will not only help you get noticed but will also inspire them if they haven’t already.

Use for Brand Awareness

Soon, 2022 is going to arrive. A new year with many new hopes. This festive season is the right time for spreading your brand awareness too. How can you do that? With the help of custom printed postcards. Offer your customers a new-year calendar that will not only help them plan the next year but your printed logo and brand name will remind them of your brand.

So, what are you waiting for? Go for direct mail postcard printing and get the best of promotional endeavors.