You can make an extra $ 500 a month by doing freelance work or starting any type of side hustle that allows you to open gates for money to come your way.

You can make money by consistently freelancing or putting your time, money, and effort into your side hustle in several ways.

Many people have made their side hustle the next big thing and easily achieved their financial freedom. You need to pick one of the ways and start executing your plans with action to make money and reach the goal of making $500 per month.

You need to explore all those ways and determine which method works better for you and how you can execute your plans to make an extra $ 500 a month and increase your earnings.

In this article, let’s learn about different ways to make an extra $ 500 a month to increase your earnings.

How to make an extra $ 500 a month in different ways to Increase your Earning:

1. Become a Content Writer:

A. Start a Blog: You can start your own blog, consistently provide quality content that works for your audience, and start Google ads to turn on monetization and earn money. Attract relevant traffic and run advertisements on your blog to earn a good amount of money from advertisers.

B. Freelance Writer: By becoming a freelancer, you apply to other websites to offer your content and earn a specific amount of money. Your work as a freelance content writer can make you get a good amount of clients and earnings to reach your goal of $500 a month.

earn extra $500

2. Become a Graphic Designer:

You can offer graphic designing services and earn a lot of money as a freelancer. You need to learn graphic design and start approaching businesses to find clients and earn a good amount of money as a freelancer.

You can easily make a good amount of money with your graphic designing experience and offer your part-time graphic designing services.

3. Ebook Publishing:

Ebooks are getting a lot of attention from people right now, and you can earn money by publishing an ebook and reaching the goal of making $500 a month.

You can publish quality ebooks and sell it online to make money but make sure you provide absolute value in the ebook you are selling so that you can give something unique to the readers and earn your money from it.

4. Online Coaching or Consulting:

You can start your online coaching and consulting, offer quality services to the online audience, and charge them to earn money for your service. Become an expert on any subject and start giving advice on that topic to the relevant audience and give them proper service so that you can make $500 a month.

You need to give your 100% to make your coaching and consulting so that your customers can easily get benefitted from you.

5. Become a Personal Trainer:

By becoming a personal trainer, you can offer your services to people and charge them to make money which gives you the benefit of earning a good amount of money and giving your personal training services to your clients.

You must ensure you are guiding your clients to become healthy and fit with superior physiques and earn $500 monthly.

6. Become Affiliate Marketer:

Invest your time, money, and effort into affiliate marketing to strengthen your affiliate marketing network and start earning money through affiliate marketing.

Your affiliate marketing process will help you to get a good amount of money if you are consistently giving quality content and attracting a quality audience that has an interest in what you have to say; this make it easier for you to earn a good amount of money.

7. Sell Used Phones:

You can sell used phones on the online market to earn a profit and reach your goal of making $500 a month to increase your earning.

You can purchase used phones from the market at low prices and sell those phones at higher prices on online platforms to earn a profit and achieve your goal of making $500 a month.

However, you must ensure that the phones you purchase are in good condition and operate well.

8. Event Planning:

You can start organizing events and attracting clients by giving 100% effort in making all your events go as successful as planned to get more customers.

By organizing events part-time and giving your clients the best services, you can easily reach your goal of making $500 a month.

By organizing more than enough events part-time with proper time management and work management, you can make $500 a month.