Content writing is the best thing to help businesses create their digital asset and get online exposure from the entire market.
A lot of businesses are getting good exposure from clients online with the help of content writing.

If you are one of the content writers struggling to get your work done in the time period you have been given here in this article, learn about free content writing tools that can help you get your job done within the time.

Top 10 Free Content Writing Tools 2022:

Plenty of free content writing tools can help you as a content writer to cut down your extra time and do your work more precisely.

1. Grammarly
2. Hemingway
3. Prowritingaid
4. Answer the Public
5. Ubersuggest
6. Rescue Time
7. Self Control
8. Trello
9. Write to Die
10. Google Trends

free content writing tools

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1. Grammarly: (Free/Premium)

Grammarly is one of the superior tools that help writers all across the globe to write quality content with ease without worrying about spelling and grammar errors.

One of the best things about Grammarly is that it also provides a plagiarism checker tool along with writing assistant tools.

With the help of Grammarly, content writers can write with the flow and proofread all the content later, which makes it easier for them to produce high-quality content.

2. Hemingway: (Free/Premium)

Hemingway editor is the best tool if you want to write ebooks for digital platforms because Hemingway editor provides necessary changes and writing styles that are more suitable for the readers to read a long piece of content.

Several content writers use the Hemingway tool to write 2500-3000 words long articles and blog posts and give quality content to the readers.

3. Prowritingaid: (Free/Premium)

Prowritingaid can help you produce quality content, make your writing good to great and help you make your writing more wonderful.

A lot of content writers choose this tool to proofread and produce quality content for them which helps them to write with the flow without worrying about any errors, and you can proofread it later with ease.

4. Answer the Public: (Free)

Answer the public is for finding new material to write about on your blog; the Public is one of the best free content generation platforms available. Analyzing search data lets, you find questions relating to your subjects on the web with as little as one or two keywords.

Answer the public is the best platform for writers to find out various topic ideas to write about and produce quality content.

5. Ubersuggest: (Free/Premium)

Ubersuggest is one of the best tools that help content writers find the ideal focus keyword for the topic and write better seo optimized content.

Ubersuggest helps content writers to learn more about keywords and SEO and how to get more exposure from the web with the help of keywords.

Ubersuggest is one of the best keyword research tools for the content writers to get more exposure from the web.

6. Rescue Time: (Free/Premium)

You may use RescueTime to see how much time you spend on different apps and websites. You will therefore find time-saving apps and websites more easily.

You can also restrict access to potentially disruptive sites to get your work done uninterrupted. Your writing output will be tracked and shown on your dashboard so you can congratulate yourself after a productive session.

7. Self Control:

This is another high-quality, cost-free program that can temporarily block certain websites. With the use of self-control, you may avoid getting distracted by the latest viral video and instead concentrate on the tasks at hand.

As long as the app is active, you will not be able to visit the restricted sites.

8. Trello:

This program is perfect for authors of fictional works.

Create a Trello board for your novel or short story, map out your content strategy, and then add chapter lists, scene cards, and the story developments for each chapter.

The plot and pacing of your most recent work can benefit greatly from a simple reorganization of scenes and other improvements. This Trello post is for authors only.

9. Writetodie:

Let us be completely upfront with you: we have no idea if this is even a good fit for you. That’s why those who thrive under pressure will love this.

If you’re in this group, you’d probably enjoy a program that deducts points if you don’t hit your word count target in a certain amount of time.

Okay, so the premise of Write or Die is exactly that. In advance of typing, you can select a goal word count, time limit, and punishment of your choosing. As a penalty for falling short of your goal, the program may begin devouring your text or display an obnoxious pop-up.

10. Google Trends:

One of the fascinating free content creation tools available is Google Trends.

You can search for a certain term to see what’s been popular on that subject, or you can simply browse the world’s most frequently used words and phrases.

Select a new time frame to reevaluate results and meet your specific requirements.