Everyone needs a partner in this world, and it is the most beautiful thing that can ever happen to someone, which is why it has been a popular subject in our lives.

But in this hectic world and busy schedule, we don’t even know when and how to find our love and figure out if someone really likes us. Because love is a more delicate subject, it has the potential to stir up chaos in your life and take you on a roller coaster journey of all of your feelings at once.

For me, the definition of love is

“One human emotion that creates a storm and roller coaster ride of all emotion at once.”

In this modern era and hookup culture, it has become more challenging to determine whether a person genuinely likes you. Here in this article, let’s learn how to figure out that someone genuinely likes you…

How do you know when someone really loves you?

1. The Person will Keep Saying your Name
2. Asks you for Favor even after the Task is easy to complete
3. The Person will Cross their Boundaries
4. Makes all the Efforts to be around you
5. Make Things Easier for you

someone really loves you

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1. The Person will keep saying your name:

You can know a person is in love with you when he/she frequently uses your name because the Person in love subconsciously believes you are the future partner of him/her.

If a boy falls in love with a girl, he will give nicknames to the girl he loves, whereas if a girl falls in love with a guy, she will call him by his name frequently.

It is a name game; if a boy addresses a girl with a nickname, then he loves that girl, and when a girl addresses a boy with his name and surname frequently, then the girl loves that boy.

A person in love will be obsessed with your name and will turn things around by saying your name and frequently addressing you with your name or giving unique and cute names.

The Person who loves you genuinely will keep saying your name with playful and teasingful intentions to make you learn that they like you.

2. Asks you for Favor even after the Task is easy to Complete:

Many people are around them, but the Person who loves you will always ask you to do the favour even with those easier tasks.

The Person who genuinely likes you will make every move that involves you to make you realize they are into you, so you need to pay attention to their moves.

By paying your 100% attention, you will learn about the true intentions of any person, so if the Person genuinely loves you, he/she will ask you for favours that make you notice that they are really into you and they want you to start a conversation with you.

By giving all their efforts to ask for favours and other things from you, he/she wants you to make sure that you understand that they genuinely feel something for you.

3. The Person will Cross their Boundaries:

The Person will cross the boundaries set by society and the boundaries they have created to make you realize that they are into you.

If the Person has never been caught on the dancing floor, if you ask the Person, he/she will dance on the floor to make you realize that he/she is ready to cross all the boundaries for you.

Society has been setting boundaries for people, and people themselves set boundaries for themselves; when they are ready to cross those boundaries for you, then you can bet your life savings that the Person is really into you.

You can shit-test them if you are unsure whether the Person likes you by asking them to do something where they have to cross the boundaries set by society.

4. Makes all the Efforts to be around you:

He/she will make all the effort to be around you so that he/she will learn more about you and enjoy your company with all their heart.

You need to understand that a person who goes all out of the way to be with you in every possible way genuinely cares about and loves you the most.

The Person that likes you will make sure that he/she makes a presence around you whenever it is possible to enjoy your company and make sure you realize that he/she is really into you.

You can easily understand that a person genuinely loves you when they make an all-out effort to be around you to enjoy your company.

5. Make Things Easier for you:

The Person who likes you will always make things easier for you to make sure you realize that they genuinely like you and want more of you.

He/she will not play hard to get if he/she is really into you and make all things easier for you; you just need to take the first step, and he/she will take those 5-10 difficult steps after your first step to make sure your love story becomes more beautiful.

You need to observe their behavior and figure out whether he/she makes things easier for you so that you can easily figure out whether the person is really into you.