A medium business account will help your business attract a quality audience from the web and increase your website’s organic traffic.

Medium is one of the great platforms that help your business to post blogs, articles, and ideas for free and attract readers to learn more about your business.

With the help of producing quality content that readers like, you can attract more readers and increase the follower base of your medium account.

You need to understand the medium’s features and algorithms to make your business get a good amount of exposure from the medium users with your quality content.

“A Business Medium Account will assist your business in providing the pleased solutions to all your customers’ problems.”

A medium account with a good number of followers will help your business appear as a marketing professional.

Let’s learn how to grow followers on your medium account and assist your business in getting a good amount of sales and revenue.

10 Tips to Grow Followers on your Business Medium Account:

1. Optimize Your Medium Profile
2. Set a Unique Writing Style
3. Be Original and Unique (Avoid Clickbait)
4. Be Consistent
5. Share Content on Social Media
6. Write for Publication
7. Use Relevant Hashtags

business Medium Account


1. Optimize your medium profile:

Optimize your medium profile with a creative logo, a short informative bio, an about page, and your business domain to make your readers easily understand all about your business.

Your logo needs to be creative and appealing to the audience so that you can easily attract a good amount of traffic from the medium.

Write a short bio that gives all the information about your business in a short sentence and makes your readers understand what type of business it is.

Write detailed information about your business on your medium about us page, and give the readers social media and other important links.

2. Set a Unique Writing Style:

You need to set a unique writing style that describes your business and makes your business appear to stand out from the crowd.

First, write the title, then the sub-title, and then the image of your article to manage the bounce rate and increase your business followers.

Also, make sure to use H1, H2, H3, and headings in bold italic font to highlight quotes and important details in your content to make it more attractive.

Your unique writing style will create a professional image of your business in the market.

3. Be Original and Unique (Avoid Clickbait):

You need to produce informative, unique, and creative content to impress the readers since there are tons of content on the medium with unique originality that only a few medium accounts offer.

To attract medium users, you need to write something unique, informative, and creative beyond imagination to easily drive more traffic to your medium business account.

You need to write quality content that is engaging and appealing so that your readers can easily connect with the content, increasing your follower base.

“Originality will make you win in every aspect of your life, so be like it.”

4. Be Consistent:

You need to consistently post on medium to grow your followers because without showing up every day, your account will be ghosted on the web, so make sure to show up twice a week with quality content that impresses your readers.

Your consistency will make it easy for your business to attract medium users and grow followers with your original content.

You can create a content calendar and write backup articles to post quality content every week and engage with your audience to increase your followers.

By staying creative, unique, and original with your content, you need only 5 to 6 months to get a good amount of followers for your medium account.

5. Share Content on Social Media:

You need to share your content on social media to get a good amount of traffic and increase the follower of your medium account.

Some of your social media followers don’t know anything about the medium. If you become the first to introduce them to the medium by sharing your content, you will gain loyal medium followers.

Your content needs to be shared on social media platforms to get your medium account more exposure and turn your audience into your medium followers.

Frequently sharing your content on social media can increase your medium followers.

6. Write for Publication:

You can also write for popular publications on medium to get more exposure and attract their audience towards your business.

There are so many publications on the medium you can check out their write for us page and write for them so that you can get more exposure from their audience and attract a huge amount of medium users to create a quality follower base.

By following the guideline of medium publications and managing your unique writing style, you can attract a quality audience.
Writing for two publications in a month will help you to get a good amount of exposure from the medium audience.

7. Use Relevant Hashtags:

You need to use relevant hashtags for your articles and use one niche-related hashtag in each article to become the top writer in that area on the medium.

You need to add relevant hashtags for your content and use alt text in your image to easily make your content appear on the top search of hashtags.

By consistently using a niche-related keyword, you can make your account become a top writer on that specific topic and increase your followers.