Whether your Content is in writing, in image form, or in video form, it can harm your Website if it isn’t original or taken from somewhere without permission from the authority of that original Content.

There are a bulk of websites online in this modern digital world, making it difficult for search engines to find good, better, and quality websites that actually provide value to the users.

To avoid dummy and unoriginal Content produced by websites, top search engines like Google are dropping their ranking on the search engine result pages so that users can easily find original, unique, and valuable content online from genuine websites.

Top Search Engine Like Google Slowly Drop your SERP Rankings when

– Your Website Content is AI-Generated
– Your Website Content is Stolen from somewhere (Plagiarism Issue)
– Your Website Content is not User Friendly nor SEO Friendly
– Your Website Content Violates Google’s Terms and Policies
– Other SEO/Google Algorithm Update Reasons

With the rise of Ai tools, a lot of Ai generated content was published by websites on google, which ruined the user experience.

Search engines have got a lot of e-waste that no one likes to visit, which is why google authorities said in their recent update that google is going to drop the ranking of Ai generated content. It will promote content that human writes.

When it comes to user experience, google likes to make sure that users get satisfied when anyone comes to search engines to solve any doubt or issue and gets the perfect result from the search engine.

Google promotes those websites and forums that give original content to the users by ranking at the top of the search engine result pages and making sure that users get satisfied with the answer they seek from the search engine.

Now, let’s talk about how you can create content that isn’t harming your Website and help you rank on the top of the search engine result pages.

Steps to Produce Content that Isn’t harmful to your Website:

For Images and Videos:

For Images and Videos, if you have to use a video/image of someone, you must take permission from them and give them credit on your Website.

If someone is not permitting you, you can go for the alternative or else create a video/image by yourself to use on your Website.
You can go out and take a picture or create some with the help of photoshop, Figma, blender, etc.

For video, you can use video-creating and video editing tools/software to create original videos for your Website.

This way, you can keep the originality of your website and create content that is user-friendly and SEO-friendly to your website.

There are some tools like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Rush, Maxon Cinema 4D, Octane Render, etc., for creating images and videos.

For the Written Content:

Same as Video and Images, if you are using the written content from someone else, you have to ask their permission and give them credit on your website above/below the content.

Also, for the search engine, you have to give canonical tags on your content and original content so that google can easily understand that your website has used the content with permission from the original writer of the content.

This way, search engines will not misunderstand your content for plagiarism.

1. Write for Users
2. Do not Use Ai Tools
3. Know the Basic SEO
4. Do not Violate the Terms and Policies of Search engines
5. Make Sure your words can connect with the Readers
6. Check for Plagiarism and Ai Generated Content Detection
7. Analyze and edit

Produce Content that isn't harmful to your Website?

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1. Write for Users:

You have to write content for the users by understanding what kind of problems they are encountering and what solution you can give them by writing content.

You have to write blogs and articles that help users to understand and fix any issues or problems they encounter in your niche.

Make sure you write the whole content while keeping the user/reader persona in your mind to make it more relatable for the readers.

2. Do not Use Ai Tools:

Many websites and forums are producing e-waste with AI-generated content that doesn’t even make sense to readers, and search engines are avoiding this type of content.

If you use ai tools to generate content for your website, then your website will become e-waste in the online digital world.

This is why you must avoid Ai-generated content and produce content humans write to connect easily with users and search engines.

3. Know the Basic SEO:

You have to learn the basic SEO rules to make sure your content remains SEO-friendly for search engines and easily ranks higher on the search engines.

Without applying basic SEO rules to your content, it would not be easy to get a higher ranking on search engines, and your website will not be able to attract enough visitors.

By learning and applying basic SEO to your content, you can make your content SEO-friendly for search engines.

4. Do not Violate the Terms and Policies of Search engines:

If your website doesn’t follow the search engine guidelines, top search engines like google can remove your content and take down your website.


Read these guidelines and make sure you do not violate any of google’s terms and policies.

By doing this, you can easily operate your website and gain a good amount of traffic for your website without any harm.

5. Make Sure your words can connect with the Readers:

You have to keep the reader’s persona in your mind while writing the content so that it can better connect with the audience.

You have to write the whole content using simple words in an impressive way to get more views, and it will be relatable to the readers.

Clumsy content will not be able to attract readers and help readers relate to your content, so you have to make it straightforward.

6. Check for Plagiarism and Ai Generated Content Detection:

After writing the whole content, check for plagiarism detection and ai detection to ensure your content is not plagiarized by the article you read while researching the topic.

And make sure that your content is not Ai generated by checking it on Ai detection if you asked someone to write that article for you.

By doing this, you can easily ensure that your content is the original form of writing, which will help your website rank higher.

7. Analyze and Edit:

You have to analyze and edit your whole content to ensure that you produce quality content that attracts readers.

You have to check for grammar and typos and remove clumsy and unnecessary content to make sure it stays relevant and easy to read.

This way, you can give quality and value to the readers with your content.