Your Instagram account makes your business look strong and superior if you give 100% time and effort to consistency, creativity, and uniqueness in whatever you post on your Instagram account.

Without getting engagement on your Instagram account, your profile will appear as one of those dead accounts with nothing to offer but are there on the platform with high numbers of followers and losing their followers daily.

Your Instagram account needs to be active and get a lot of engagement from Instagram to learn more about how it gives your business strong exposure from Instagram users.

No matter how many followers you have on your account if you are not getting any engagement from your followers, it will look like you have fake and bot followings on your Instagram.

A lot of businesses are catching the attention of their ideal customers via strong Instagram engagement and increasing their sales and revenue.

Not getting likes, comments, and enough shares on your Instagram will make your account look like one of the dead accounts on Instagram.

You have to actively give 100% time and effort to create something for Instagram that gets users more engagement and makes your Instagram business account alive.

There are so many dead accounts on Instagram that are not active for years, but they exist, and people think of these accounts as e-waste on the platform.

It is important for you to increase the engagement rate of your Instagram business account if you want to make your business account appear professional.

This is one of the best ways to get recognized by Instagram users as a professional Instagram account and make it big on the platform.

Here in this article, we will learn how you can easily get high engagement on your Instagram account.

10 Tips to Get High Engagement on your Instagram Account:

1. Ask Question
2. Host Giveaways
3. Organize Contests
4. Host AMA Live
5. Launch Something New Post
6. Launch a Free Course
7. Ask for Feedback and Ideas
8. Promote your post on other Social Networks
9. Share “BTS” Reels
10. Collaborate with Others

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1. Ask Questions:

You need to ask questions on your Instagram posts under the caption so that your users can give you replies about what they think and make that conversation going, which will help you get more likes and comments on your Instagram posts.

You need to understand what type of content you are posting and what relevant questions would seem to attract your audience.

If you are posting an image of your new product, you can ask questions like 1. Guess the Release Date? Or 2. Give this product a name most liked comment will be the name of this product.

This way, you can increase the engagement rate of your business Instagram account profile.

2. Host Giveaways:

You can host exciting giveaways where you give your product/service for free and ask your followers to
Follow the Account, Like and Share your Post, and Tag 3 Friends in the comment section to make your account reach the highest audience.

This is one of the best ways to make your Instagram account get more exposure and get more engagement on your Instagram business account.

This is one of the most anticipated ways used by small businesses to increase followers and get more views on Instagram.

3. Organize Contests:

You can also organize contests where you can ask your followers to write reviews of your products and share them on their stories by tagging your Instagram account to get more followers and engagement from Instagram.

Set prize rewards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners to make your contest become more interesting and exciting for Instagram users.

Make sure you attract the relevant audience on your Instagram account by creating niche business contests for your followers.

4. Host AMA Live:

By hosting “ask me anything”, you can attract more audience, and interacting with them personally will make them feel more familiar with your business, and you will gain loyal customers.

Your live AMA show will help your business to get more profile visits and increase the engagement rate of your business Instagram account.

You can give answers to your audience in real-time by hosting AMA which solves 80% of the problems and issues of your customers.

5. Launch Something New Post:

Launching something with a new post may be a product or service that your users want from you, and ask questions like, how excited are you for this new product/service??

Launching a new product or service is a big deal, so make sure you make all the necessary fulfillment in your product/service to launch and then post news on Instagram that a new product/service is coming for the customers.

This way, you will get new customers and increase your engagement on Instagram.

6. Launch a Free Course:

You need to launch a free course on your business niche to get more profile visits, including your course link in your bio to increase engagement.

You can create a course pdf or video for your followers and ask them to get it from your link bio to connect and increase your followers.

This way, you can get loyal customers and increase your followers and engagement rate.

7. Ask for Feedback and Ideas:

You need to ask for feedback and ideas from your followers so that you can get more comments and likes, which will increase your engagement and help you learn new things from your followers.

Also, you can share some of this feedback on your Instagram story and give your opinion about it to make your conversation go.

This way, you can increase your Instagram engagement and grow your account.

8. Promote your post on other Social Networks:

You can promote your Instagram post on other social networks to get more views and engagement from social networks by posting the link of your post there.

You have to make your Instagram post promotion on Twitter, medium, Facebook, etc., to get more exposure and increase the engagement rate.

Promoting on other social networks will help your post to do wonders in your insights and get more exposure.

9. Share “BTS” Reels:

Sharing “Behind the scene.” Reels will help you get more engagement because that’s what excites your followers the most, so it would be best to share these reels often to get more engagement and increase your followers.

Sharing creative BTS reels will get you more engagement and make your followers more likely to learn more about your business.

10. Collaborate with Others:

So many businesses compete online, which is your chance to collaborate with other businesses to grow your account.

You can also collaborate with influencers in your business niche to make your business get more engagement and followers.