If you’ve ever purchased a pair of women’s running shorts, you’ll notice that the majority of them include an inside lining that looks like underwear. Some individuals may find this bothersome, while others have grown accustomed to it and are unaware of other options.

In either case, deciding whether or not to wear underwear with these types of women’s running shorts might be difficult. Look at women’s running shorts on Polly Park.

Should you wear underwear with women's running shorts

Shorts with a liner are designed to be worn without underwear when running. You won’t have to worry about an additional piece of clothing throughout your run because the liner provides equal support and protection as underwear.

Wearing underwear with this sort of running short can be inconvenient and cause chafing, although this isn’t the case for everyone. Even though these women’s running shorts were designed in this way specifically to allow you to avoid wearing your underwear, there are no underwear cops on the loose ordering you what to do.

Finally, it’s about finding what makes you feel the most comfortable. Hopefully, this post can assist you in finding what makes you feel the most comfortable on your next run.

These shorts will help your comfort zone while running in the morning and improve your health.

Are women’s running shorts intended to be worn with underwear?

There is no difficult and fast rule that states you should or should not wear underwear with women’s running shorts in any running bible. The shorts we conceive of as “women’s running shorts” usually contain a built-in lining that serves as your underwear. However, because there are such numerous different styles of women’s running shorts these days, it all depends on which one you choose.

Here’s a summary of each style of shorts and whether they’re suitable for wearing without underwear (or not). However, the choice is entirely yours.

women’s running shorts with Lining

The majority of loose-fitting women’s running shorts include a liner/built-in underwear, which you can find from all major brands. The lining generally meshes or similar thin, breathable material that helps keep you cool and mimics brief-style underwear. These were made to be worn without the use of underpants. When worn with the improper sort of underwear, they might cause chafing.

women’s running shorts lined in a more boxer-brief style, or what I like to call “booty shorts” for women, are less frequent but growing in popularity. Some have a thicker lining than others, but all contain some compression, making them suitable for wearing without underwear.

Shorts with Compression

Although compression shorts aren’t as women’s running shorts, they may be an excellent option for male and female runners. They are in stock in various lengths, allowing you to select the most comfortable one for you and complements your style. Longer ones, available for both men and women, can help avoid “chub rub.”

Because they are already so snug, there’s no need to wear underwear with them unless you want to. Women may wear a virtually undetectable thong, but men will have a difficult time finding underwear that fits unless they choose an athletic short like these from Runderwear. Under an unlined pair of women’s running shorts, some people choose to wear compression shorts instead of underwear.

women’s running shorts with No Lining

True women’s running shorts without a liner are more difficult to come across, but they exist. If you would like to wear your underwear with your women’s running shorts, this style is one to keep an eye out for. When worn with your underwear, unlined women’s running shorts provide maximum performance and comfort.

Do you like to wear underwear with your shorts but are concerned about chafing?
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Why do women’s running shorts have built-in underwear?

Most women’s running shorts come with built-in underwear, allowing you to forego wearing your while still reaping the benefits of underwear. However, the lining inside a pair of women’s running shorts is for quick movement and sweat, unlike most underwear for running. Moisture-wicking textiles like polyester keep you dry, while fabrics with a little flexibility, like elastane, move with you.

A built-in liner in men’s women’s running shorts makes sense to keep “everything” tucked in, but they’re also common in women’s women’s running shorts.

Perhaps the makers of the women’s running shorts thought about convenience as well because it’s wonderful to have one less piece of clothing (sorry, laundry) to worry about.

Is it a terrible idea to run without underwear?

So you’re thinking of doing commando.

I’m sure some of us are more concerned than others. Most people believe that “you do you,” and if you enjoy jogging without underwear (whether or not your shorts have a built-in liner), then you should do so.

It’s not a horrible idea to run without underwear if that’s what makes you feel most comfortable; after all, that’s what the liners are for. However, you may discover that going without has drawbacks, with the following being the most typical drawbacks:

The drawback of ill-fitting liner

An ill-fitting liner may cause chafing in your most sensitive regions without the extra barrier of underwear perspiration. People may not contain any other “leakage” you may suffer as effectively.

It feels weird and maybe disgusting if you’re not used to it.

If the idea of jogging without underwear makes you uncomfortable, I’m here to tell you that it’s perfectly OK as long as it’s what you’re most comfortable doing. However, if you’re going without underwear in women’s running shorts that aren’t compression fit, be mindful of what can be revealed if you’re not careful. I’m not a male, but I’m guessing this free-flying activity wouldn’t be all that fun. According to legend, the Ancient Greek Olympics had all-naked competitions, so perhaps I’m mistaken.

If you don’t like the built-in underwear, you can remove it. Carry It Out

The majority of runners appear to feel at ease wearing lined women’s running shorts, whether or not they are wearing underwear. If you don’t like it, though, you have options.

The most practical alternative is to just purchase women’s running shorts without built-in underwear. Compression shorts, as mentioned above, are a terrific alternative, and if you look hard enough, you can even get unlined regular women’s running shorts.

Take a pair of scissors and take off the lining. If you already have a pair of women’s running shorts with this and it bothers you, it’s simple to clip it off without destroying the shorts. You may also use this process to make unlined shorts if you have a pair of lined shorts that you wish to wear.

Isn’t it simple?!

Is it possible to run in a thong?

Many ladies who want to run in their underwear choose to run in a thong instead. Because you mustn’t worry about a whole extra layer of clothes on your behind, they go well with women’s running shorts with a liner. They’re also a wonderful choice for compression women’s running shorts because they don’t show panty lines. However, I would recommend investing in a decent pair of thicker-material shorts that would provide more compression and, in my opinion, be more attractive on the booty. (Here’s a fave pair of mine that I wear with a thong, and they’re on sale!)

I will say, though, that you must pick your underwear carefully, as with any other item of clothing, or you may have severe chafing. This post has my favorite picks for all types of running underpants.