If you are considering starting a small business, maybe alongside the job you already have, to earn you a little bit of extra cash, we’ve got some good news: there are a lot of things you can do in 2022 from home that can earn you more than just a little extra money.

This guide will show you a few of the best small business ideas which you can start easily.


best small business ideas to start in california

Start a blog

Many people view blogging as just a simple hobby, but the truth is that it’s a serious business idea. A lot of bloggers report monthly earnings as high as $80,000. And while not every blog is going to bring in lots of cash, if you find yourself the right niche and put in just a little effort and passion, your blog will bring you a decent amount of income.

Start a YouTube channel

If you are the type of individual who can make content that is engaging, informative, funny, or unique in any way, you should consider starting a YouTube channel. While it may not seem like a viable small business idea at first, you can make videos about almost anything on YouTube. Also, as long as you have a lot of viewers and work within YouTube’s guidelines, you can even turn your channel into a viable career.

Start a podcast

Recent surveys show that the number of American’s who listen to weekly podcasts has grown by 120% over the last four years, making 2022 a prime time to start your own podcast. Much like with YouTube, the key to making money from a podcast is coming up with something fun, engaging, or unique. Moreover, podcasts can be syndicated to YouTube, where you can earn money from them by monetizing your videos. Or, if you are already a content creator on YouTube, you can take the audio from your videos and turn them into podcasts.

Of course, both YouTube and podcasts are small business ideas that come with a lot of effort, but they also have the advantage of working from home. If your podcast or YouTube channel becomes popular, you may want to create a dedicated space for work in your home. Setting up a home office isn’t too hard. With a few ideas, you can design a space where you can feel good while working from home. The internet is full of fantastic ideas.


If you pride yourself and on your ability to find a bargain, you might want to consider doing some drop shipping. It is a significant way to earn some extra money without too much engaging work. Moreover, with e-commerce market shares climbing, now is an excellent time to jump into it. In essence, dropshipping means you source products from suppliers at a low price and sell them to consumers at a higher price using online tools such as Shopify. Being a successful drop shipper needs research into current buying trends and consumer needs, but you will earn quite a bit of income if you can predict what will be in demand.

Affiliate marketing

In the ballpark of easy small business ideas, affiliate marketing means earning money by promoting other people’s products or services. It is one of the most significant ways to earn passive income and ties exceptionally well with blogging since the only thing you need to do is place the affiliate links in your blog posts, which makes it one of the best low-effort small business ideas out there.

Buying and selling domains

Today’s world is becoming more and more internet-oriented. Therefore, every company, freelancer, or entrepreneur needs a good website to keep up. Having a good domain is often a high priority for a lot of companies. As such, they are willing to pay more than a pretty penny for the perfect web address. Of course, there are things to consider when creating a business out of buying and selling domains, as their value is based on revenue, traffic, age, and some other metrics. This makes making money off of this small business idea based on luck and guesswork, but since the capital costs are pretty low, you only need a few high-priced domains to earn a lot of money.

Graphic design

If you are great at graphic design, it is an excellent small business opportunity. Every company out there always keeps an eye out for graphic designers to create new logos, websites, corporate images or help with branding products. You can also become a full-stack developer. When it comes to advertising your services, you can consider starting your own website, or you can choose to rely on websites that promote freelancers to advertise your work. And remember that, as a freelancer, it is always best to find Instead of trying to appeal to a mass market, find a niche that is profitable for you.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants can do anything from social media management to bookkeeping, which makes the position of VA an excellent opportunity for almost anyone. Running a virtual assistant business can be pretty lucrative, and as a freelancer, you can choose just how much work you take on at a time. Of course, this makes the income from being a VA vary quite a lot. Some people make as little as $3 an hour, while some make upwards of $25 every hour. On top of all of that, starting out as a virtual assistant needs only good organization skills, making it one of the best small business ideas out there.

Data analysis

Almost every company and modern business rely on data, and they always need someone who can make sense of raw data. If you have a mind for reasoning and mathematics, this is an excellent opportunity for you. Being a data analyst means that you provide companies a better understanding of their data, and the income of this job is quite decent.


At the end of the day, whether you want to make a career out of them or make a bit of extra cash, small business ideas can present you with numerous opportunities if you keep at them long enough. We wish that this information has helped you to make a decision about what you want to pursue and good luck!