A new office space, a new beginning. This exciting new section for you and your business should begin in the best possible manner – and choosing a suitable place is the first step.

The place where you run your business will determine so many factors to success, which is why your choice needs to be the right one. This guide will assist you with finding and renting an office space in Baltimore – probably the best location to start a business in Maryland.


things to examine when renting an office space in baltimore

Why Baltimore?

If you’re still indecisive about the location, you should read more about the benefits of renting an office space in Baltimore. This city is a favorite among entrepreneurs developing their careers in Maryland. The place has a long history as an important seaport and gives numerous opportunities in many industries, import and export businesses in particular. Baltimore is quite affordable, too, and offers different incentives for business owners. Finally, it is in a great location. You can reach New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC in no time, which makes it easy to run a business, as well.

Renting an office space in Baltimore – the most important factors

Before you start browsing Baltimore listings, be sure to consider the most critical factors for choosing a suitable office space. These will also rely on the nature of your business, but the most common rules are valid through multiple industries.

 Working remotely vs. working from the office

The global pandemic has forced multiple businesses to start running from homes, making a home office one of the most-needed characteristics of every home. If you’re on a small budget or not yet sure about the success of your business, consider if you need office space. Sometimes, starting from home is quite efficient in terms of money and time you’ll spend in the first place. However, not all businesses can be run from home, and renting an office space is a pure necessity.

The budget for renting an office space

It’s essential to know your budget first before you start browsing vacant offices in Baltimore. Make sure you plan your budget, and more importantly – stick to it. Going over the line can be a risk worth taking but can also cause future financial problems. Rent prices in Baltimore depend on the location, size as well as class of the space. However, the average cost is about $25 per square foot for class-A spaces and a bit lower for those in class B. Make sure you know how big the space you need is, so you can calculate the rough numbers and prepare your budget.

Location in Baltimore

Probably the most crucial factor is the location of the office. The location of your business will determine the distance to your customers, employees, partners, and suppliers. This is crucial as if the distance is too long, some of them will not try to reach you. Also, there are some additional factors to consider, such as parking availability, accessibility, and neighborhood safety. Make sure to choose a space that fits your needs and is also easy to reach by the people who keep your business running.

Bonus tip: in case you’re just starting a business and don’t have a team yet, picking the location might be easier for you. However, be sure to choose a place that’s populated with potential employees, so hiring them would be quick and simple.

Proximity to the essential facilities

Related to the location, we have the proximity to the most important facilities considered essential in choosing the right office space. Facilities such as post office, bank, etc., should be relatively close so that you can save time with daily tasks.

The space itself

It’s not only about the location of the office space. It’s about its functionality and the way it looks. Your office space should make it easy to run your business. Also, it should be suitable for the type of business you’re running. It needs to reflect the nature of your business and be easy to adapt and customize.

The lease

Sometimes, even the most perfect office spaces are not easy to rent. The reason is that some landlords are too demanding or don’t provide a clear lease. Make sure that the lease you sign is precise and gives enough information about your responsibilities and rights. Discuss all the main details of the lease, including the price, length, taxes, and other details to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. Be sure to discuss the responsibilities of repairs – is it you or the landlord who does them? Even though there are no problems now, repairs can be a significant financial burden in the future. Therefore, if those are your responsibility, it’s best to be prepared on time.

Moving into your new office space

Finding and renting an office space in Baltimore is not the last step of starting your business. You need to organize the office move and adapt the place to your needs. And remember, commercial relocations differ from residential ones. So, the easiest way to have the simplest possible transfer to the new location is to hire experts experienced in moving business inventory. Commercial moving companies offer teams that know how to handle specific items such as electronics and office furniture. That’s why hiring one of them will help you move in with the minimum levels of stress and damage.

In case you already have employees, let them help you with the move-in process. Assigning tasks to each of them will ensure the move is more efficient. Let everyone take care of their space or desk, so you can have more energy and time to handle other moving tasks. Prioritizing and proper organization will ensure your business suffers minimum downtime, and you can start operating as quickly as possible.


Renting an office space in Baltimore demands some research. In that respect, it doesn’t differ much from other cities. However, what it does have, and many other places don’t, is a positive business climate that will allow your business to flourish. So, if you consider all the important factor that will enable you to find a perfect office location for your company, you will undoubtedly get a springboard to propel you to success.