When you have the latest phone, you can do everything; install every app that the play store can offer. In reality, though, it isn’t about the new phone, rather it is all about having the latest android OS. There are always compatibility issues with old Android phones that limit what apps or games we can install on our phones.

Top 10 Cheapest Phones running the Latest Android

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Upgrading an older OS to a new Android version isn’t always easy. On some older phones it isn’t possible. The best solution is always to make sure that the new phone you are buying is coming along with the latest version of Android.

Here we are going to cover some latest Android phones that are in our budget. All of the below mentioned phones are easily available in most popular UK stores and can be bought online using a package forwarding service.

  1. Infinix Hot 10 – This is a budget phone running Android 10 and costs under INR 10k. Among other features, the screen size is farily large with over 6.78 inch. This 6 GB, octa core processor phone has a 5.2k Amh battery with fast charging. On the downside it has a 16 MegaPixel main camera and an 8 MP front.
  2. Vivo y12s – Vivo has been pushing excellent phones in every category and even for this budget range this Y12s is a great thing to have. It runs the Android 10 and costs under Rs. 10k which fits our criateria for this list. With the brand name of VIVO and a 6.51 Inch scree with qualcomnm snapdragon processor, this phone seems all right.
  3. Oppo A12 – This is slightly more cheaper than many others in the list, priced at under 8k INR, seems like quite a steal with 6.22 Inch screen size and 13 MP main camera and an Octa core processor to boost. The ram is slightly on the lower size with 3 gb which might be an issue. On the whole, android 9 is still the issue otherwise it is a fairly good phone to have in this budget range.
  4. Samsung Galaxy M12 – Slightly expensive with 11k INR this phone pretty much tops the list with amazing features and android 11 installed. It has a decent screen size at 6.65 Inch, 48 MP main camera and an exynox processor. It has a huge battery backup with 6k amh and comes with 15w fast charging.
  5. Micromax in 1 – Priced at just under 10k INR, this phone has pretty much all the basic functions that cuts the list. A decent screen size with 6.53 Inch, running android 10 with OctaCore prossor and 4 gb of ram. It also has a 48 MP main camera which pretty much boosts it features all round. The backup is decent with 5k mah and has an 18 Watt fast charging.
  6. Moto G Power – This cell phone from Moto costs under Rs. 10k and is a good fit for the price, based on the specs. It has a 5k mah battery but the processor is snapdragon 665 and just the 4gb ram. The screen size is all right with 6.4 Inch, however the 16MP main camera is still pretty basic. This one comes with android 10 and has a 64 gb of internal storage.
  7. Nokia 2.4 – This phone from the trusted Nokia costs just under 10k INR. The screen size is a decent one at 6.5 Inch but apart from that none of the other features are worth mentioning. The 2 gb of ram does not really cut in and a 13 MP main camera is way too low. It does has android 10 but it is stock android.
  8. Samsung Galaxy A10 – Just under 10k INR this is a good phone except for the android version which is 9. With a good octacore processor and a 6.2 Inch of screen size, this phone could have been good but since it only has 2 gb of ram and 3.4k mah battery and a passable 13 MP main camera, this phone isn’t that high in specs.
  9. Tecno Camon 12 Pro – Costs at under Rs. 10k this phone has the basic features like android 9 and 16 MP main camera and a 6 gb of ram. With a 6.35 inch screen and a passable 3.5 mah battery this phone is cheap but feature wise it is pretty weak.
  10. HTC Wildfire X – Another phone in the under INR 10k range, this one too has similar features with android 9, with 12 MP main camera and 3 GB of ram. It sports an octacore processor with screen size of 6.2 inch. Overall features are on the lower side and so is the price.

Budget phones are just that, low on price and limited on features. With the rise in tech everyday, new and better features comes to replace old and outdated ones. The features that you look in a high end phone today will tomorrow be available on this budget range.

Here, our main focus was to find cheap phones that has the latest android OS or atleast as recent as possible.