Content Writing requires your full attention, time, and effort to produce quality content that makes it big in the industry.

Suppose you want to make it big as a content writer. In that case, you have to connect with the right resources, learn to manage all your tasks with all the resources available, and still produce quality work with the human touch in your content.

Once you can ensure that you have produced quality content for your piece, you can easily make your content appear on the first page of the search engine.

As a content writer, you have a lot of things on your table, and it is very challenging to manage everything at once.

There are so many tools and software available for content writers in this modern era, thanks to modern technology, which makes it easy for writers to cut down their time and produce quality content that helps them to produce quality content and easily manage everything at the time.

Here in this article, let’s learn about the 10 most amazing content writing tools to help you get your work done as a content writer.

Top 10 Superior Content Writing Tools that will help you Make Progress with Ease:

Thanks to modern technology and IT guys working all across the globe, they have also contributed their bit to give something to the writers to grow further and easily make good progress.

Let’s learn about these content writing tools and how they will help content writers manage and finish their work on time.

1. Ubersuggest
2. Google Keyword Planner
3. Answer the Public
4. Co Shedule Headline Analyzer
5. Sharethrough Headline Analyzer
6. Writeordie
7. Grammarly
8. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant
9. Hemingway App
10. Copyscape

Content Writing Tools

Image by Chen from Pixabay

1. Ubersuggest:

Ubersuggest is one of the best tools to help content writers find ideal keywords for their content marketing strategy.

To reach the relevant audience on the web, you just need to create a good content marketing strategy and optimize your content with SEO.

Ubersuggest helps you get the search volume and SEO difficulties to understand which keyword may be ideal for your content strategy and how to make your content appear first on search engine result pages.

2. Google Keyword Planner:

Google Keyword Planner is google’s keyword research tool provided to users to get accurate keyword research data to find ideal keywords for your content marketing strategies and SEO best practices.

Google keyword planner helps you determine the appropriate keyword for your content marketing strategy.

It also recommends the other keywords users are searching on the web so that you can better understand the user’s perspective and go for the right keywords.

3. Answer the Public:

Answer the Public is your time saver tool that will give you 100+ topic ideas on a single topic so you do not have to worry about what to write in your next blog.

It gives topic ideas in Alphabetical order so that you can easily understand and choose what topic will be most preferable to write for your next piece.

Here on this platform, you can select your region/country to get the topic ideas for your content marketing strategy.

4. Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer:

A co-schedule headline analyzer is the best tool to analyze your headline and learn whether your headline is catchy and attractive to readers.

Getting a score of more than 70% in your headline analyzer is a good headline; you can go for that headline in your piece.

This tool also assists you in learning power words and emotional words utilization in your headline and also gives a protip for the writer to improve their skills in headline writing.

Coschedule Headline Analyzer

5. Sharethrough Headline Analyzer:

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer is commonly used among copywriters and content writers to make sure they have created a catchy headline for their piece.

It also gives you an idea of whether your headline has a strong human connection or not; there is too much passive voice in the headline.

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

6. Writeordie:

Writeordie is one of the perfect tools for content writers who are easily distracted by anything while working on their piece.

This website eliminates all distractions and creates a connection between you and your writing where you can easily work on your piece with the flow.

If you stop writing, the website will turn red and remind you to work on your piece to better get your work done by respecting the deadline of your work.

7. Grammarly:

Grammarly is used by a lot of content writers all across the globe to make their writing error-free and easily proofread the whole content with ease.

It also provides a plagiarism checker so that content writers can check duplicate content and produce unique quality content.

You can add Grammarly extension to your Microsoft word and easily use it for your writing and proofreading purposes to deliver your best.

8. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant:

SEO writing assistant from semrush is also the best content marketing tool that helps you find out your content’s originality and readability score.

It also recommends you the proper keywords for your writing piece so that you can optimize your content with ideal keywords.

SEO writing assistant also gives you an overall score for your writing piece so that you can easily understand the quality and SEO score of your piece.

9. Hemingway App:

Hemingway editor is also one of the best tools content writers and book authors use to ensure they proofread the whole content and maintain a good readability score.

You can proofread your writing piece and make changes with the Hemingway editor to produce quality content.

Also, the Hemingway editor suggests making your writing piece more engaging and unique in the market.

10. Copyscape:

Copyscape is the leading plagiarism checker tool that helps you find the plagiarism percentage and the source of plagiarism on your writing piece.

Using the Copyscape premium version, you can easily eliminate all plagiarism threats and make your content 100% unique.
Make sure you produce 100% unique and quality content with the help of the Copyscape plagiarism checker tool.