NFT Market is growing daily, and more people are joining the NFT community to contribute, trade, buy, sell, and earn money from the NFT Marketspace.

Several marketplaces, tools, news websites, and NFT calendars are around that make it easy for the community to learn about NFTs.

This article will give you the top 5 best places to explore the NFT marketspace and learn more about NFTs in this digital era.

NFT marketspace is full of opportunities for everyone. If you have any skills regarding anything, then you can share that as digital file image, video, gif, audio, etc., to convert it as NFTs and earn from those NFTs.

To better understand the term NFT, I will give you the top best places to explore the whole NFT market space and learn about NFTs.

Top 5 best places to explore NFT Market space in 2022:

NFT enables the full opportunity for everyone, including those who don’t have much knowledge about technology, blockchain, and investments. You just have to learn basic and stay up to date about NFTs and what is trending for the NFTs and analyze the whole market space so that you are good to go with the NFT market space.

Let’s explore the best platform for NFTs:



Opensea is the NFT marketplace where you can create and sell NFTs. Opensea enables you to find a lot of good NFT projects from their top collection so that you can easily analyze the whole NFT market space.

Opensea gives a fair chance to buy, create, and trade nfts where you can explore the traits of all trending NFT projects and their volume, sales percentage of 24 hours or 7 days, floor price, etc. it is the best marketplace for buying, selling, and trading NFTs. Opensea is a great platform to analyze and find top NFT projects in the NFT market space.

Opensea enables the users to find good NFT projects by filtering the top nft projects from timespan, categories, and blockchain.



Upcomingnft is the best place to find out about the upcoming NFT projects in the NFT market space. You can also find the most popular NFT projects by visiting the most popular event section, where you can find the projects with the extensive community. All these projects have a good amount of followers and members on their Twitter and discord accordingly.

Upcomingnft is a great NFT calendar that enables projects to find ideal NFT collectors; it also gives the option to promote NFT project on their sponsored section.

In the NFT 51 section, beginners can learn more about NFTs in-depth, where you can find the links to relevant articles and videos to learn more about NFTs. The NFT News section gives all the relevant trending NFT information you need to know for staying up to date with the NFT marketspace.

One of the best features Upcomingnft provides is the live feed tool for NFTs so NFT collectors can find which NFT project is currently being minted on the blockchain and how much people are showing interest to mint NFTs.
Also, it gives weekly NFT projects of the week article where NFT enthusiasts can find amazing and exciting NFT projects for the next week.


Website: is another masterpiece trending in the NFT marketspace because of the variety of features it provides to analyze NFTs. provide an NFT calendar, rarity tool, and top collection to filter and analyze NFTs. give all the top collection data to find out the rarest NFT by their rarity tool and filter all the traits from NFTs. You can also explore the traits of any NFT project to find out the rarity score, floor price, least count, highest floor price, value name, etc.
You just have to enter the id of your NFT and click on the lookup to find the rarity score and explore the traits of your NFT.


NFTplazas is one of the great platforms to explore trending news, articles, and blog posts about NFTs. You can find all the different categories of news and articles including metaverse, gaming, collectibles, cryptoart, music, industry, etc.

NFTplazas also provides NFT promotion for the NFT projects and enables you to write sponsored articles on their platform. You can learn more about NFTs, metaverse, and gaming through the well-written articles and blog posts on the NFTplazas.


Etherscan is one of the great platforms to explore the real-time ethereum blockchain data. You can see all the transaction data of any NFT project and analyze the project with ease.

Ethereum’s decentralized smart contract platform, Etherscan, is the top BlockChain Explorer, Search, API, and Analytics Platform for Ether. As one of the first independent projects created around Ethereum and its community, it aims to make blockchain data more accessible to everyone.