Mobile applications are increasingly becoming popular among businesses and users alike. The popularity of apps is increasing rapidly, and the part they play in the everyday life of a user is also increasing gradually.

Therefore, the number of app developers and publishers is increasing rapidly, and it has led the number of apps on Google Play to reach 2.8 million, and it will increase only in the future. However, not all app solutions succeed on the play store, but the ones that succeed offer excellent user experience and introduce an innovative concept in the market.

Mobile Applications

Most Downloaded Applications of All Time: Check the List Right Here!

Based on the categories they fall in, these app solutions offer excellent services in their particular fields and ensure the best user experience is provided.

1. Social Media

Social media apps are one of the most used app categories of all. The applications belonging to this category rank higher than any other.


Play Store Downloads: 9,00,00,000+

Play Store Ratings: 4.2

Facebook is the king of social media indeed as it continues to rule the social media market with its millions of downloads and widespread use among users and businesses both. Facebook allows creating groups, events, pages, sharing media, content, news, and more, creating friend lists, and more.

Started in 2004 by Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook has come a long way from where it is based, and now most of the world’s population is using Facebook each and every day. The changing trends have also updated the policies of Facebook and brought many controversies up on Facebook. However, it remains at the top of the list of most downloaded social media apps. (source)

2. Messaging Apps

Messaging apps are becoming more famous as they allow faster and easier communication with the use of the internet and help share everything online.


Play Store Downloads: 10,00,00,000+

Play Store Ratings: 4.3

This instant messaging app has taken the entire market by storm after its release. It has secured a place on every single smartphone worldwide. A small group of ex-Yahoo employees launched WhatsApp as a startup that eventually became famous worldwide, and later Facebook acquired it for $19 billion. The basic functionality it offered was chatting only. Still, it has moved further down to the tunnel, and it facilitates the sharing of files, media, voice messaging, contact, live location, and more. 

3. Shopping Apps

As the concept of door-to-door delivery becomes more present in the current world, E-commerce applications are booming in the market by increasing app downloads and revenue generation that has no match.


Play Store Downloads: 1,000,00+

Play Store Ratings: 4.1

One of the widely used shopping apps, Amazon offers a seamless shopping experience to its users, and it’s one of the main motivations behind its popularity. Also, it includes every kind of product that users can buy upon their demands.

The platform keeps on offering great discounts on these products’ prices and never misses season sale or festive sale that adds up to the revenues it generates. Also, the delivery and product return and refund policies of Amazon are pretty strong and commendable, which is why customers trust Amazon over other eCommerce platforms. 

4. Utility Apps

Offering the best support for completing tasks on time, utility apps make a significant difference in prices even when professionals provide the service.


Play Store Downloads: 6,000,000+

Play Store Ratings: 4.0

Redefining the ride-hailing market, Uber has established itself as the mark of the ride-hailing market’s best services. Connecting drivers and customers on a single platform, Uber is running its services worldwide and has a broad audience base.

Leading to this app’s success, many ride-hailing businesses are also switching to the use of a clone that provides excellent services to their customers. Uber generated 11.3 Billion U.S. dollars in revenue worldwide in 2019 and is currently running in more than 80 different countries.

5. Gaming Apps

Smartphones also help pass the time with exciting and excellent gaming apps to refresh the mind and break from the routines. The gaming apps industry is booming, and more and more games are being released that entertain the user throughout the gaming time.

Candy Crush

Play Store Downloads: 26,000,000+

Play Store Ratings: 4.6

Candy Crush is one of the most uncomplicated games that has become popular, and it has induced the development of many similar applications. The user has to match candies to solve a puzzle within the limited moves provided. This game later released two different versions of the same game, and many other apps are also available in the market. However, Candy Crush remains the most popular of all gaming apps ever, and the downloads also keep increasing every day.

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6. Educational Apps

These app solutions offer excellent support to learners. They provide many online courses to choose from for learning practical skills through excellent courses designed with quizzes and assignments to be completed.


Coursera offers online classes and tutorials to be completed by various certified tutors and universities. While providing excellent support for learning online, these classes and courses include practical exercises and assignments that, once completed, provides a degree certificate that can be shown to employers also. The application of Coursera works excellently to provide the best services.

7. Streaming Apps

There are numerous streaming apps which users are using to watch movies, listen to their favorite music, etc. People use an app like Hulu, Youtube, Netflix, or any other to enjoy the content of their choice.  


Netflix is the popular streaming platform out there. It is available in most countries and has excellent original content, support for 4K, Miracast, Chromecast, smart TVs and game consoles, Dolby Vision, and HDR10. The netflix business model makes the streaming service the stuff best for both regular stuff as well as forward-thinking. 


Millions of people use these applications all around the world. They have established a dedicated user base that prefers them above others by providing exceptional services and proposing a new concept. While app creation is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, any original and outstanding app concept that may succeed in today’s competitive industry has a bright future.

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