More often than not, people tend to forget how important their office space is. It not only serves as a physical space where your employees work, but it also serves as a representation of your company.

Your business policy, relationship with your workers, job environment, and professional values… All of those can be seen in your office space, whether you wish to or not. So, if you want to control how people perceive you, it is essential to know what your office space says about your business.

In our view, three aspects are vital to consider when it comes to your office space. The location, office layout, and interior design. To help keep things clear, we will go over each aspect and highlight its importance.


Just like the people you associate with say something about what you are like, so does the neighborhood of your business say something about it. For instance, if your business is situated in a well-off area known for housing many successful companies, you will likely be associated with them. On the other hand, if you situate your business away from the city. Somewhere more quiet and secluded, you convey that you are different from the firms in the professional area. Depending on how your want to present yourself, this can be good or bad.

In some situations, people even choose to relocate their business simply to avoid being associated with their neighbors. In this case, it isn’t enough to only know the proper way to deal with the electronics and how to pack your office supplies. You need to understand how your clients will perceive your new location. Keep in mind that relocation can easily hurt your business.

Office layout

Whether we work somewhere or we are simply paying a visit, we cannot help but make a first impression of the business based on the office layout. How the owner chooses to outline the office space says a lot about how they wish their workers to behave. And what work environment they believe brings the utmost productivity.

Of course, business owners don’t always have the complete freedom to organize the office layout as they see fit. But, you get an idea of what the owner’s professional values are simply by looking at the office layout.

Open space vs. cubicles

If there is a need for creative work, you will likely see open space. Open spaces offices are pushed where workers need to work together and share ideas on a regular basis. It makes the exchange of information easy while also allowing workers to see each other and keep in touch. Such space even inspires workers to connect and do their best in maintaining a good work atmosphere.

The more you separate your workers, the more they focus on their individual performance. This can be a good idea in some situations (where there is not much need for creativity). In fact, even workers who do creative jobs sometimes prefer to separate themselves when working. But, know that the more you separate their space with walls, cubicles, and individual offices, the more you say that you want your workers to work, not socialize.

Lounge area

A lounge area is usually a sign of luxury. If you can afford to build and stock up a lounge area, it usually means two things. First, your business is doing well enough so that your workers can afford to lounge during the workday. And second, that you can spare the expenses to build such an area and keep it stocked. Of course, if you make a lounge area solely to boast that you’re doing well, it will be obvious. So, instead, if you do want to have one, try to build it so that it suits your employees’ needs.

Interior design

Finally, we come to the little things that make all the difference. While these may seem trivial, know that they can play a significant role in how your visitors view your office space.


Introducing art into your office space can be a subtle way of telling what your company is all about. If you simply add a couple of pictures with no forethought, this, of course, won’t be the case. But, if you do some research, you can use art to great potential.

For instance, you can incorporate art from the local art schools and be their patron. You can only purchase art from a single artist and outline your interest in them. Or, you can introduce some elements of popular art and have an easy talk piece for your workers. Whatever you opt for, know that art brings liveliness and warmth to what would otherwise be a sterile, cold office space.

Professional design

It is important to mention that every aspect of your interior design will play a role in how people perceive your office. Now, it would take us multiple articles to go over all of these factors and how they interplay. So, we will only say that you should consider hiring a professional for now. An office space designed by a professional is easy to recognize and appreciate. The more you understand various aspects of office space, the more you will understand when it is appropriately designed. And, even if you don’t, it will simply feel better to work in a professionally designed office space.

Final thoughts on what your office space says about your business

As you can see, there are plenty of things to keep in mind when creating an office space. This is why, if you’ve just started yours, we don’t advise that you make changes all at once. Instead, introduce them one by one. The more gradually you do, the better you will learn what role each element plays and what your office workspace says about your business..