Not creating user-wanted content is the main reason you struggle to get views on your youtube channel, but other reasons also affect your youtube channel’s health.

You can get more views on your youtube channel if you perfectly manage your youtube channel’s health and invest your time and efforts into managing it well.

Your youtube channel’s health depends on:

1. Your Consistency
2. Your Youtube SEO
3. Your Content Quality
4. Your Engagement Rate with Your Audience

By managing all this, you can easily get more exposure from the youtube SEO and create better results for your youtube channel.

Plenty of content creators on youtube are struggling to get views on their youtube channels but not getting the idea of how they can fix that and bring more Audiences to their youtube channels.

If you want to grow on youtube, you need to understand that you need to provide valuable, informative, and entertaining content to your Audience because, without that, you can not grow your youtube channel for good.

Buying fake subscribers and watching hours will not help you, so it would be best to ignore all this fuss and focus on creating good and better content for your youtube channel.

Here in this article, I will tell you why you are struggling to get views on your youtube channel and quick solutions for that if you are ready to invest enough time in your youtube channel and grow further.

10 Reasons Why you are Struggling to Get Views on Your Youtube Channel and Their Solutions:

1. Not Optimizing your Youtube Channel
2. Not Creating Intro and Outro
3. Not Producing User-Wanted Content
4. Lack of Consistency
5. Poor Quality Content
6. Not Considering Youtube SEO
7. Not Considering Thumbnails
8. Not Engaging with Your Audience
9. Not Analyzing Insights
10. Not Considering Youtube Live

get views on your youtube channel

1. Not Optimizing your Youtube Channel:

Not optimizing your youtube channel with a creative logo and an attractive youtube banner will make your youtube channel seem like those dead channels, making users bounce back from your youtube channel.

One of the best things about having a creative logo and attractive banner is that you can easily attract an audience that is more interested in your niche and find a channel in your niche, making it easy to get more views.

Solution: you need a creative logo and attractive youtube banner that helps your youtube channel look like one of the professional and active channels on youtube.

2. Not Creating Intro and Outro:

Without Intro and Outro, your channel doesn’t look attractive and interesting, resulting in losing views and not getting enough viewers.

Professional YouTubers make their your channel’s intro and outro as attractive as they can to make their channel look professional and superior to viewers.

Solution: you can hire a video editor or use rainforest premium to create an attractive intro and outro for your youtube channel.

3. Not Producing User-Wanted Content:

Creating content for something that no one likes will not get views from the youtube space, which is why it would be beneficial for you to produce the content viewers want on youtube.

If your content is not what viewers want, it will not get views and will just become dummy content on your youtube channel.

Solution: you need to find out what type of content viewers from your niche wants to see on youtube and which type of content is doing best on youtube and produce it by giving your 100% effort.

4. Lack of Consistency:

Lack of consistency makes your channel appear as a dead youtube channel without proper management, which is why consistency is important on youtube.

If you are not consistent with your content, you will struggle to get views on your youtube channel and get more exposure from the youtube space.

Solution: you need to provide a specific time for your youtube channel and bind with it to manage consistency on your youtube channel.

5. Poor Quality Content:

Poor quality of content makes viewers bounce back from your videos and find another because it makes users frustrated to see low-quality videos.

Compromising your video quality will make your youtube channel lose its health score from the perspective of your viewers.

Solution: Use Good Camera and Video Editing software and take care of your video’s visuals and audio quality. Examine your video before publishing.

6. Not Considering Youtube SEO:

Not considering youtube SEO will make it challenging for you to find those interested viewers from youtube and create a good amount of views for your youtube channel.

Without youtube SEO, it is challenging to get more exposure from youtube since there is a lot of competition going on youtube.

Solution: You can learn about youtube SEO from the Web. You need to add Catchy Titles with Youtube Keywords and Add relevant Hashtags.

7. Not Considering Thumbnails:

Without thumbnails, your youtube channel looks inappropriate to viewers, which is why they scroll down without giving it a second thought.

Also, not creating thumbnails with full optimization will make it a poor thumbnail strategy and lower visitors to your video.

Solution: Use BOGY Strategy and Main Keyword in your Thumbnail to make it attractive and get more views (BOGY: Use Blue, Orange, Green, and Yellow colours in your Thumbnail)

8. Not Engaging with Your Audience:

Not Engaging with your audience is the biggest mistake you make in the initial days of your youtube channel’s journey.

Not replying to comments and not posting anything on your community post to get connected with viewers makes it challenging for you to attract more viewers.

Solution: Reply to each comment, engage on social media, and community post on your youtube channel to get more views.

9. Not Analyzing Insights:

You will not get enough views if you don’t know what type of audience you have, what they are commenting on your videos, and what they want from you.

Not knowing your audience’s behaviour affects getting views on your youtube channel and growing further as a YouTuber.

Solution: Watch out for insights on your youtube creator studio and act accordingly to enhance your youtube channel.

10. Not Considering Youtube Live:

There is the amazing option of youtube live to create, share and learn about your audience by interacting with them live.

There are so many creators using youtube live to make their content go viral, and you are one of those who is not considering this makes you struggle to get views.

Solution: Go live and interact with the audience by setting up a good camera, desk setup, and internet connection.