Social Media can give you potential customers and give your business more exposure from social media users.

So many businesses on social media are making high competition in the market and getting more exposure on social media, while other businesses are struggling to get more exposure from social media.

Social media drives traffic to your website, and it helps you to get more exposure and generate more sales for your business.

Once you understand the social media game, you can get more exposure from social media users easily.

Here in this article, we will learn about the challenges small businesses encounter on social media and the solutions for it.

Why are you struggling to make it Big on Social Media? Solutions…

1. Fail to Attract with Profile
2. Lack of Consistency
3. E-waste Content
4. You are Out of Creative Ideas
5. Not giving enough effort to Promote
6. Not trying something New

social media challenges

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6 Social Media Challenges and Solutions for Businesses:

1. Fail to Attract with Profile:

I have seen a lot of businesses fail to attract social media users because they don’t put enough effort into making their social media profiles appear attractive.

All the businesses that struggle to make it out big on social media have this one common problem. They all fail to attract with profile, making the profile look dull and common.

A business Profile without a good bio, profile pic, or domain, is something that looks like a too common and dull profile.


Create an Attractive Business logo that tells everything about your Brand, and write a bio that gives all the details about your business in all your social media bios.

Your social media profile will attract users to follow and engage with your social media handles.

2. Lack of Consistency:

A lot of businesses fail to post consistently on their social media handles which is why they lose connection with users.
Consistency is something that will help you to achieve your goals and targets more easily, and if you fail to deliver consistently, you may face a lot of problems and issues getting more exposure from social media to achieve your social media goals for your business.

Without consistency on social media, your followers might lose sight of your business, and you may lose potential customers.


The ultimate solution for your lack of consistency is to batch-create all your content and use the blog2social plugin or Hootsuite subscription to manage all your content postings on social media easily.

You can schedule all your content weekly and manage it smoothly with blog2social plugin or hootsuite platform.

3. E-waste Content:

Some businesses have E-waste on their business social media profile which is putting their reputation down, and users think that your social media profile doesn’t have anything new to provide that gives them value; therefore, they choose to ignore your business profile.

E-waste makes your social media profile appear poor and low quality, making you struggle to get more exposure on social media.


You can eliminate all the content from your social media that doesn’t make any sense to the users. And after eliminating all the e-waste, make sure that every time you post content on your social media is something unique and informative for the users.

4. You are Out of Creative Ideas:

Sometimes we are out of creative ideas, which is why we struggle to write or post creative content on social media profiles. This is why many businesses share unnecessary things like quotes and sayings, which damages the quality of your business’s social media profiles.

Sometimes we get out of ideas, but that doesn’t mean we have to compromise on posting content; we have to figure it out and consistently provide quality content.


You have to batch-create all your content for social media so that you can easily schedule and never get out of creative ideas, and if you do get out of creative ideas, you can discuss it with your team or analyze other businesses’ social media handles to make your social media profiles get more exposure from the users.

5. Not giving enough effort to Promote:

All businesses today are making the mistake of not promoting their social media profiles; instead, they are busy promoting their business services and products, which makes it difficult to grow on social media, and they fail to get potential customers.

Not giving enough effort to promote your social media makes it difficult for your business to get more exposure.


No one scrolls social media to purchase something. They scroll social media for entertainment or to learn something new; this is what you have to provide and promote your social media profile.

6. Not trying something New:

A lot of businesses are afraid to try something new in their social media profiles which is why users do not get more connected. No business makes growth on social media without experimenting with social media.

A lot of businesses struggle because they don’t change their strategies according to social media trends.


You have to post unique memes and reels that can give you more engagement on social media also, and you can host giveaways to get more exposure.