Learning a language is very important whether it is English, French or German. Presently English language is in trend and almost everybody wants to learn English grammar step by step. Here you will learn some Tips how to learn English grammar easily.

Business or professional writing jobs always stay in demand, but it does require a skill of writing along with a good command over the English language. You will have some rules to have a profound knowledge to help you reach on an intermediate level.


basic grammar rules for writing and speaking

Article rules

  1. School, College, Church, Hospital, Prison, Jail, Court, Bed, Market etc. if these words are used for specific work related to the words, there is no need to use any article (A, An & The) but if used for another purpose we use THE article for it.

Let’s comprehend it with some examples. Firstly I have given the examples where there is no need to use any article for the above mentioned words because I have used them for the related work.

  1. We would go to school every day to study.
  2. Having met with an accident, she was admitted to hospital.
  3. My friend is very religious. He goes to temple every Tuesday.
  4. He was arrested and sent to jail when he was proved a murder.
  5. My mother goes to market every Saturday to buy fresh vegetables.

In the above sentences, the words are used for the related work hence no article is used with them, but now I will share some of the examples with you where the article is necessarily used in the sentences. It is one of the most indispensable English grammar rules for competitive exams.

  1. She went to the temple to meet her friend. (No work related to temple)
  2. I visited the hospital to convey lunch for my father as he works there.
  3. They go to the college to have friendship with girls.
  4. I go to the market to spend my time at night.
  5. People go to the court to invite the chief justice for a special occasion in their family.

The above sentences don’t show any piece of work relating to the places mentioned hence article ‘the’ is used before the words. I hope you could easily catch it with your consciousness.

Adjective rules

There are some rules for the competitive exams based on adjectives concepts. It will brush up on your English grammar basics rules and a clear understanding it will create inside you.

Positive                       Comparative                            Superlative

Good                                   better                                  best

Wise                                    wiser                                   wisest

Fast                                      faster                                  fastest

Beautiful                            more beautiful                  most beautiful

  • The positive degree is used to simply define a noun or a pronoun.


He is a good person.

Roma is a beautiful girl.

He is learning fluent English grammar for speaking.

  • The comparative degree is used to compare two or more than two things and shows one superior.


The iron is heavier than gold.

The students of America are more intelligent those of India in the IT (information technology) field.

  • The superlative degree is used to show the superiority amongst all the things. It has no comparison with other things
  • The article is always used with superlative degrees.


He is the fastest guy in his area.

They are the most wanted criminals in India with more than a thousand murder cases.

Role no. 1 (The + Superlative + of + Plural noun)


  1. Narendra Modi is the loveliest speaker of the speakers across the world.
  2. The ant is the smallest animal of all the land animals.
  3. The BJP has become the most popular party of all.

Rule no 2.

There are some words that don’t have any comparative or superlative degrees. These are always used at it is and always takes ‘to’ preposition with them.

Words: Prior, Superior, senior, junior, Posterior, Inferior and preferable

These are the some words that always take ‘TO’ preposition.


  1. I can’t argue with him because he is junior to me.
  2. They always wish me first Good morning and I am senior to them.
  3. She finishes her posterior work first then moves on any new project.
  4. The life style of the rich is not preferable to the poor.
  5. They supplied the material of inferior quality to the required one.

There are some Basic grammar rules for writing if used it can give a long lasting remarks in a reader’s mind.

   I. Write in ink / write in pencil but write with a pen.

These are the fixed phrases in English and are often asked in competitive exams as well on this rule.


  1. The proprietor is required to accept the additional term & conditions and sign at the last in ink.
  2. In the beginning when the children start writing, they are very often supposed to write in pencil.
  3. I wrote my English examination with a gifted pen.

Learning English grammar basics is a stair that will lead you to the pinnacle level of advanced English approach, but good things take time the same language learning is a lifelong progress. Every day you add something that will improve your level soon. Thanks for giving your valuable time to enhance your knowledge.