The time has finally come! You’re all ready to start your own business – ideas swell in your head. You already know what you want and how to get there. There’s only one thing to figure out – the perfect location. Fortunately, in Maryland, you have virtually limitless options. But, with such a wealth of choices, your decision becomes that much harder.

In business, especially a startup, the “where” matters just as much as the “how” and “why.” Sometimes – even more. Therefore, being well-informed is critical before you pick among the best Maryland cities to launch a small business. So, without further ado, let’s see what The Free State has to offer to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Why should you pick Maryland cities to launch a small business?

Launching a successful business depends on many factors. Every detail plays a significant role, from the overall state of the state’s economy to geography, to the communities themselves. And Maryland ticks all the boxes necessary for a booming startup.


best maryland cities to launch a small business

There are always good deals at the crossroads

And, no, we’re not discussing about the type of deals from the 1986 classic Crossroads. We’re talking about Maryland’s excellent geographic position. As a “buffer zone” between Washington and Pennsylvania, and even New York, Maryland is a fertile ground for any startup. Furthermore, convenient proximity to major business hubs, namely DC, Philadelphia, and NYC, makes it almost too easy to find new ventures and branch out. So, regardless of your choice of Maryland cities to launch a small business, one thing’s for sure. You won’t lack customers or opportunities.

Tourism is booming in MD

Are you in the tourism or hospitality niche? Then you’re in for a good time. Maryland’s vast waterfronts and gorgeous beaches attract more than 40 million visitors each year.

Amazing for tech startups

Maryland has become a promised land for tech gurus in past few years, developers, and virtually everyone with a background in hi-tech. In fact, according to the US Chamber of Commerce, Maryland ranks first in:

  • Academic R&D Intensity;
  • High-Tech Share of All Businesses;
  • HS Advanced Placement Scores;
  • STEM Job Concentration.

But, that’s not all. The head-spinning progress of the hi-tech niche drives an influx of bright young minds looking to get their piece of proverbial cake. So, not only would you have a great start, but you won’t have trouble finding specialized, eager employees to grow with you.

MD is easier on your pocket

One of the crucial points of concern when launching a business is expenses. Starting from scratch isn’t cheap, especially if you’re bootstrapping your way to victory. Fortunately, doing so in The Free State won’t cause you to tighten your belt or stretch a can of SPAM for days. Compared to nearby major players (DC, Philly, NYC), MD cities boast cheaper living costs and more affordable costs of running a business. And all of it while retaining high standards and quality of life.

You won’t have trouble finding the perfect spot for your HQ in MD and settling in

While we’re on the topic of expenses, rent for office space is a considerable one. And, in the majority of surrounding states, it’s astronomical. In Maryland – not so much. MD cities boast lots of office space and reasonable rents. Furthermore, there are also many reputable and affordable commercial movers that can help you transition swiftly and safely. So, when you find that perfect spot, don’t hesitate to use their services. It ensures you’ll settle into your new premises quickly and without stress.

Supportive communities

Community is what makes or breaks a business. Fortunately, MD boasts supportive communities that love small businesses. They recognize their importance and, therefore, support them wholeheartedly. But, it’s not just the community that helps small businesses. State and government officials do, too. No wonder Maryland small businesses grow faster than in many other states.

Which are some of the best Maryland cities to launch a small business?

Everything you read so far can be applied to the majority of Maryland’s cities. Each one of them is a pool of opportunities waiting for you to dive in. Still, there are a few that have the edge over others, albeit a slight one.


Of course, we must start with the obvious. Baltimore’s excellent location puts you smack in the middle of, well – everything. This thriving economic center offers unparalleled possibilities for startup companies, especially those in the tech and biotech niche. It’s also a major port, suitable if you want to start an import/export business. However, it’s also home to the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) – an organization created to help small, minority, and women-owned businesses get on their feet. Therefore, if we were to rank Maryland cities to launch a small business, Baltimore would surely be #1.


 Annapolis is the most beautiful city in MD, bar none. The meld of history, architecture, and cultures make it a top tourist destination, and high quality of life makes it a joy to live here. But, aside from being gorgeous, Annapolis is a fantastic place to start a small business, too. Being the capital of the MD and equidistantly located from both Washington and Baltimore, it offers virtually the same opportunities, minus the hustle. So, this is the one you can’t go wrong with.

Ocean City

What to say about the OCMD without sounding redundant? Breathtaking beaches, vibrant nightlife, clash of cultures – simply a heaven for prospective entrepreneurs. Of course, since this is a prime tourist destination, those in tourism, hospitality, and retail stand to gain the most.


Yes, yes, we admit – we’re cheating. Berlin isn’t a city at all. But, it deserves mention just for its uniqueness. Located only 15 minutes from Ocean City, this town boasts a specific charm and atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere in Maryland. It is (kind of) crowded with retail sites, restaurants, and boutiques. But, if you have an original idea, there’s no doubt your business will thrive here.

Unearth the diamond

When it comes to small business prospects, Maryland, as a whole, is a diamond in the rough. Simply, there’s so much potential here. It’s a wonder no one’s “milking” it for all its worth. So, be the one to pave the way. Maryland cities to launch a small business abound, and, regardless of which one you choose, you only stand to gain.