You probably have wondered about creating NFT of your own but do not have any idea about how you can start creating NFTs and what knowledge you should require to build NFTs.

In this article, learn about how you can create your own NFTs in simple steps, but first of all, you have to understand that any type of image, gif, video, written article, or blog post can be sold as NFT.

You can literally sell anything digitally as NFT; a recent example of it is a 21-year-old Hague art academy student, Stijn van Schaik put his “soul” up for prospective buyers as an NFT on the marketplace Open sea. Called the “soul of stinus” the item is ready to be uploaded onto the blockchain and sold to the highest bidder.

People create digital artworks, videos, 3D, and write-ups to sell as NFT and earn money through it.

Beeple is the first name that will come to anyone’s mind when they hear about NFT Digital Artists.

You can make NFTs using 3D software and graphics software; to make good NFTs, you can make good artwork to sell as NFT.
Let me tell you about the “Ghozali Everyday” NFT by the Indonesian boy who clicks the everyday selfie image of his own and lists all that selfie image on opensea to sell as NFTs, and guess what? His whole collection sold out, and the boy became famous in a short period of time.

So it is a proven fact that you can sell almost anything digitally as NFT.
Now, let’s learn about how you can create your NFT and how to sell it on a marketplace.

Learn to create your own NFT in a few simple steps:

You can create a whole randomly generated nft collection or just one artwork or the collection of artwork to sell on the digital nft marketplace.

Most of the projects launch their whole collection as an NFT, while digital artists generally sell the collection of their artworks in the nft marketplace.

To create your own NFT or your own NFT collection, you have to first decide which software you are going to use to create your artwork or how you are going to generate random characters for your NFT.

Create your artwork:

Create the artwork you have in your mind, 3D or 2D, and make it visually stunning to attract the buyers; make your artwork visually appealing and put every effort you can into creating the awesome artwork for your NFT collection.

Select your digital wallet:

Select the digital wallet where you can store all your NFTs and store your cryptocurrencies. There are plenty of digital wallets available to store your cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Metamask and trust wallets are the most used digital wallets in the NFT and crypto market space because of the variety of options both wallets provide.

Metamask is the first choice among the majority of the NFT community, so it would be best to have metamask digital wallet if you are into NFTs.

Buy some Ethereum:

You need to buy some ethereum in order to sell anything on the marketplace because it is what that needed when you will list your nft for sale. When we list anything for sale the marketplace asks to have enough gas fee to complete the transactions.

So buy some ethereum that would help you to pay the transaction gas fees from your NFT project.

Convert your art into an NFT:

Go to the Opensea marketplace

And you will get the option to create your NFT click on the create button from your open sea account.

When you select the create button, the marketplace would ask you to choose the wallet select the wallet on which you have ethereum; it would be best if you have some ether on your Metamask wallet.

Enter the password of your digital wallet to unlock. After clicking on unlock, the wallet would ask you to sign in click on the sign button.

create new NFT

After clicking on the sign-in button, you will be redirected to this page, where you can create your artwork to convert it into an NFT.

Here you can upload anything such as Image, video, audio, or 3D model, etc.

(file types supported: JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB, GLTF Max size: 100 MB)
Now, fill out all required details

  • Give the name of the item
  • Provide an external link about that item
  • Write a description of your item
  • Select collection
  • Total Supply
  • Decide the blockchain

Now, click on the create button and verify the human captcha

Sell your item:

Sell your NFT

After creating nft, you will get the option to sell your item.
You can now sell your item by providing the fixed price value or listing it for a timed auction to sell to the highest bidder.

You will be charged 2.5% of the gas fee.
Now promote it to find the buyers.
This is how you can create your own NFT.


NFT creation is something that has opened the doorway for digital artists to earn the actual value of their artwork and get recognized by the NFT community.

This guide will help you to learn how you can create your NFT on the marketplace like opensea and list your NFT for sell. A lot of digital artists are making money and earning this way.