Recently, Philadelphia has witnessed a new boom when it comes to construction. This means that ambitious and careful entrepreneurs have an excellent chance to make their way into a new market if they know how to handle it. However, you might wonder:

what exactly are the best options for small businesses in Philadelphia?

Today, we hope to help you figure that out, so you can take the chance before it is gone. This list of the best of the greatest small business investment options in Philadelphia has been collected for your convenience, and we hope you find it useful and informative.

Architectural firm

The recent construction boom in Philly isn’t going to be the last. If the city continues as it has been, it will be expanding quite a bit every year. With so many expansions and development, an architectural firm can benefit from a lot of construction. Assuming that you have the needed expertise, starting an architectural firm is a safe option because there will almost always be work.

However, keep in mind that marketing your architecture business is incredibly important. This is because many people have already jumped on this train, so breaking through could get difficult without proper marketing. Knowing how to grow your business with the help of Instagram will help a lot in the long run, for example. Both digital and regular marketing will be a big part of getting your business started.

Organic food supplier

People have been more and more focused on their health in recent times. This has led to a rise in the popularity of organic food, as most people believe that it is much better for you. Starting a business in the organic food market is a relatively decent and risk-free investment decision. Additionally, starting this business doesn’t take any exceptional experience or expertise, so anyone can do it.

However, you will need to consider renting out a warehouse for your business if you go down this route. Organic food supplies require a lot of space where they can fit all of their products. Thus, finding long-term warehouse storage in Philadelphia is a must. Luckily, it’s become easy to find a secure unit for your business as there are plenty of storage providers around. So, take your time and carefully look for storage providers before making your decision.

Fitness center

This one makes it on the list of the top small business investment opportunities in Philadelphia because it also doesn’t need any previous expertise and targets a vast audience. Most people, nowadays, are looking into getting fit. And, of course, you have to hire trainers and health advisors to make it work. So, opening a fitness center is incredibly easy and almost guaranteed to pull in profits. That said, while this option is pretty good, you should still do your best when it comes to marketing.

Fitness is popular, so people tend to be picky about where they go for the service. Knowing how to do quality marketing and how to do affiliate marketing is very important in getting your business appealing to customers.

Financial advisor

Because of the new construction boom in Philly, there are a lot of brand-new businesses cropping up, big and small. If you have prior experience being a financial advisor, you will have plenty of opportunities to work for various new companies in Philly. This business tends to pay quite well, as long as you have the professionalism and skills required.

Exclusive blog about the city

Are you someone who enjoys writing? Then why not start blogging about the city of Philadelphia. Philly is a unique mix of history, culture (new and old), and various art. Enough to keep a blogger writing about it forever, as long as you have the passion for it.

Of course, it will also take some skill in writing to make your blog exciting and attract readers, but that can also come with experience. All you need to know really is how to start a blog and keep an eye out for exciting details about Philly, and you can keep spinning tales to entertain people and earn yourself money.

Laundry services

New construction means new areas for people to live in. And, especially in urban areas, laundry services are always highly appreciated. So, consider opening a laundromat in one of the new residential areas, or alternatively, you can offer laundry services from home. An ironing board is all that is required. If demand for your services gets big, you could consider getting another person to help out.

Laundry services are very cheap to set up (or even free if you decide to do it from home) and are guaranteed to bring in profit quickly. Especially if you can get set up in an area that doesn’t have laundry services. You’ll just need to invest a bit of money into advertising to ensure that the word about your services gets out.


Do you have good management skills? Do you love coming up with new recipes? Then why not start a catering service? There will always be reasons for people to celebrate, and where there are celebrations, catering services are very profitable.

Big and small ceremonies, family functions, business dinners, and so on – all of them need appropriate catering to be held. Additionally, try to market your business online so you can readily offer your services anywhere in Philly. There will always be a need for catering services, so starting a catering business is safe.

Top small business investment opportunities in Philadelphia – wrap up

If you are interested in it, Philadelphia has incredible opportunities for starting small businesses. Some of them require more involvement than others, but in general, If you’re seeking to make a quick buck, they’re all good possibilities. And with the recent constructions in Philly, now is the perfect time to consider investing in a small business.