Interview Processes take a long time to hire any candidate and involve a lot of rounds of interviews which makes candidates feel exhausted and uneasy about going with the interview.

Companies are making it quite difficult for the candidate with these types of long hiring processes, which makes candidates go for the smoother interview process and get hired by the company that is easy on them.

However, many interviewers make it easy for the candidate to take the interview with a smoother process and get hired with ease. These types of interviewer need appreciation because there are only a few who exist and makes your job simple.

Writing a letter of appreciation will make them feel appreciated, and you will be thankful for the interview process that goes smoother because of the interviewer.

In this article, we will learn how to write a thank you email after an interview and appreciate the process, company, interviewer, and excitement of joining a new job.

How to Write a Thank You Email After An Interview?

You need to write a thank you email with appreciation to the company and interviewer and excitement to join your new position in the company.

1. Spell the interviewer’s name correctly and address the email to them. You should refer to a person by their preferred name when communicating with them after an interview. Following up with each person individually is polite if you have more than one interview.
2. Express gratitude for reading and considering my message.
3. Explain quickly why you’re interested in working for this company. Former PwC partner turned CEO coach David Lancefield recommends applicants call out one aspect of the dialogue that was particularly intriguing or give a helpful hook to assist them in remembering what you spoke about.
4. Maintain your enthusiasm for the position you’re applying for.
5. Be willing to respond to any inquiries.

Thank You

Things to Avoid:

Adding Too Much Detail:

Remember that the message’s point is to express gratitude, not to continue where the interview left off. “Do not use the follow-up email to cover ground you should have covered during the interview,” Olvera-Marshall cautions. Doing so increases the likelihood of appearing desperate or ill-prepared for the interview.

Making Requests:

It’s a busy world. Do not make any requests that will require extra effort to fulfill. You should demonstrate your cooperative nature during the interview.


Check your email for errors in grammar and spelling before hitting send. Your ability to communicate is demonstrated here.

Example 1:

Subject: Thank You
Hi (Name)
Yesterday’s conversation regarding joining your team went really well. I value the insight you’ve provided into the work you’re doing and the culture at [business name]. Both the staff and the project have tremendous promise. The prospect of cooperating with you fills me with enthusiasm. Feel free to get in touch with me whenever you like with any further inquiries or to continue our discussion.
I’m eager to hear from you.
All the Best

Example 2:

Subject: Thank you
Hi (Name)
I appreciate you meeting with me today and describing the creative ways you and your team are helping your clients.
From what I gathered from our talk, the pace is rapid, the quality of the work is high, and despite the intensity of your efforts, you all have a blast working together. The level of friendship and support was extraordinary, and people’s dedication to their work was palpable.
I also get that you want someone who can jump right in without any training or orientation and who will be a joy to have around the office. I know that I am that individual.
Feel free to contact me at any moment with any further inquiries or to continue our discussion.
I’m eager to hear from you.

Example 3:

Subject: Thank You
Hi (Name)
It was a great experience today discussing the financial planner position at Cascade Associates is really appreciated. Thank you for explaining your company’s origins and treating all of your clients like members of your own family.
From our talk, I gather that preserving your company’s reputation for excellent service is a high concern and that you’re on the lookout for future event organizers that share this goal. As I mentioned, I have a young family of my own, and we’d like to settle down somewhere where I can feel good about my career. I would be thrilled at the opportunity to join your team.
Feel free to contact me at any moment with any further inquiries or to continue our discussion.

Many hiring managers have several candidates they need to interview, so don’t be surprised if yours wasn’t chosen. After the interview, you can leave a great impression with a thoughtful note.