Covid-19 has pushed everyone to adopt the work-from-home culture because everyone was stuck at home due to covid 19 lockdown.

People started using video conferencing platforms to connect with the staff and communicate to provide quality work.

Companies started giving employees work from home to smoothly operate the business and giving every employee the opportunity to make money while working from home and grow further.

Many ways of communicating with people make it easier for them to start their work and communicate with colleagues and senior staff to complete tasks.

In this article, we will learn about the top 10 quality video conferencing platforms that help people connect and deliver good results professionally.

10 Amazing Video Conferencing Platforms of 2023:

1. Zoom
2. Microsoft Team
3. Skype
4. Google Workspace
5. Google Meet
6. GoToMeeting
7. Starleaf
8. Cisco Webx
9. Zoho Meeting
10. Go Brunch

Video Conferencing Platforms

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1. Zoom:


Zoom is one of the best platforms where people can start video conferences and connect with each other to complete all the tasks with ease.

Zoom platforms are also used to provide education, and it is one of the best platforms used during the covid-19 pandemic for educational purposes.

From meeting to teaching, zoom is used by giant companies, educational firms, freelancers, and other people to connect and communicate with each other.

2. Microsoft Team:


Microsoft Teams is a system for teamwork and communication built by Microsoft. It’s meant to consolidate groups into one location, facilitating conversation and task sharing. It’s available on desktop and mobile, making it simple for teams to maintain communication and productivity no matter where they happen to be working.

Microsoft Teams largely stands out from competing tools due to its ability to work in tandem with other Microsoft services. This facilitates seamless document sharing, meeting scheduling, and project management within the Teams environment.

3. Skype:


Skype is one of the best platforms currently used by many big companies and one of the best platforms used in the professional environment.

Many people like to use Skype at work because of its user interface and the experience it provides to the user, which is why skype has a good follower base.

You can make a video conference through Skype and connect with your staff to communicate and complete all your challenging tasks.

4. Google Workspace:


Safely connect, create, and collaborate with Google Workspace, which integrates email, chat, files, meetings, and your favorite apps into a person-first experience powered by Google AI.

Google Workspace is one of the best platforms provided by official Google to connect and communicate with your staff to complete all the challenging tasks.

Google Workspace will help you to make things go smoother for your tasks and video conferencing meetings.

5. Google Meet:


Formerly known as Google Hangouts, Google Meet is now a built-in feature of Google’s G Suite productivity suite. Users can connect Google Meet to other Google services like Gmail and Google Calendar. A Google Meet link and phone number will be generated automatically when you schedule a meeting in Google Calendar.

The video feed of the currently speaking participant is displayed in the main window of Meet, but a gallery view is also available. To maintain a competitive edge in the market, Google has enhanced the platform’s audio and video quality and included noise reduction.

6. GoToMeeting:


GoToMeeting may no longer be the market leader in video conferencing, but it is still a robust remote meeting software with a feature set suitable for the vast majority of professional settings.

The polling and “raise a hand” functions in this user-friendly program are two of its major benefits over similar programs. GoToMeeting also provides end-to-end encryption for your video conferences, so you can feel safe having them without limits.

7. Starleaf:


StarLeaf’s own application programming interface (API) allows for flexible conferencing setups. The service comes with a free app for Android, iOS, and Windows, and the firm offers a wide variety of upgrades and integrations, such as Slack and Skype for Business.

StarLeaf’s innovative design lets you give company-wide connectivity while sidestepping the constraints of traditional teleconferencing tools. This platform is a fantastic substitute if you don’t want to invest in expensive on-premises video infrastructure.

8. Cisco Webx:


Cisco Webex is a reliable and adaptable platform for online meetings. Because of its scalability, it is the preferred platform of most Fortune 500 organizations.

Webex allows for interactive presentations. Instead of just letting you share your screen, the software also lets you superimpose your own image on top of it. Due to this, online meetings are just as productive as face-to-face ones.

You can also easily transition from an audio call to a video conference. This also pertains to the members of your audience. In addition, there will be no downtime when switching to a different device.

9. Zoho Meeting:


Webinars, online meetings, audio conferences, mobile video conferences, etc., may all be hosted on the same video conferencing platform provided by Zoho Meeting.

It’s an encrypted service for online meetings. It uses DTLS-SRTP encryption to keep voice and video private. If you give it permission, it turns on the webcam and sends your footage.

10. Go Brunch:


GoBrunch provides a lifelike setting for video conferences, making it ideal for distributed teams. You can stream videos, play files, share screens, manage cameras, and listen to audio.

By making a meeting room, you can have a permanent address and utilize the links to the meeting room as many times as you like in your scheduling apps. Training, events, and even virtual offices can all benefit from the addition of flexible breakout spaces.

GoBrunch is a great choice for creating a virtual place that fosters teamwork, collaboration, and motivation among your team because of all its customization options and unique features.